Mark is a wonderful professional who constantly seeks the best for his clients. He is diligent in his efforts with great attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. He is extremely focused on the importance of telling a passionate story that draws people in. Mark is a principled director who was easy to work along side.

J Sandor Cheka III
Executive Director,
Freedom Source
Birmingham, AL


Mark created a comfortable and caring atmosphere when he interviewed me on camera for his documentary in the church that I am a parishioner and elder in. He made it possible for me to bring up deep feelings and fears that needed to be felt, but are often painful to evoke and difficult to manage.

In my ongoing  journey through illness and recovery, the interview with Mark was a part of my feeling and healing to grow and move on.  I’m very grateful to have had the experience with him.

Karen Schanks
Recovery Church,
St Paul, Minnesota

I traveled to India with Mark as part of a media promotion for my book, “52 Ways to create an AIDS Free World”. Working with Mark was a joy–not only is he a talented and creative film producer, but also a gentle man with a compassionate heart.

Donald E. Messer, Director
Center for the Church and Global AIDS,
Centennial, CO

I don’t like being interviewed and often defer to others when asked to speak on camera about the work of our organization.  What made the experience of being interviewed by Mark different is that we had a wonderful conversation prior to the start of the interview in which he took the time to inform me about the process and what was needed. He was attentive and listened carefully.  Already in position, our conversation continued as the camera rolled.  I later saw a clip of our interview and was very impressed with how calm and thoughtful I came across. Our subject was a serious social issue that plagues many urban communities where I work. Mark was informed on the subject and its impact on our community, He showed compassion in his questioning and in his reaction to my responses, some which evoked a great deal of emotion. Mark set the tone for his crew by engaging everyone in informal conversation, asking about us, our community, and our work.  We talked, laughed, cried and ultimately provided informative and true depictions of our view and work in urban communities.

Shawn Green
Community Organizer Solutions
Milwaukee, WI

I had the pleasure of partnering with Mark Purushotham and the Mercy Pictures team on an informational/training video.  Mark is the consummate professional.  He truly seeks to understand the purpose of, and ultimate audience for, each project so that the product becomes both useful and engaging.  He works tirelessly to ensure that he is meeting expectations and capturing the project’s essence.  It is clear that excellence is his goal throughout, and that is demonstrated in not only the way he works but in the wonderful product he produces.

June Melvin Mickens
Executive Advantage, LLC
Bethesda, MD

I served on a three member committee who worked with Mark in the development of the concept, interview filming and final editing of a DVD Resource that was designed to provide information and inspiration for people exploring entry into ordained ministry. The DVD is still in distribution to some of the 7,000,000 United Methodist members across the U.S. and around the world.

Mark was outstanding as he formulated the questions for the interviews and exhibited a thorough understanding of the settings that were highlighted on the DVD. He demonstrated a deep sensitivity to the intended audience as well as the committee representing the needs of the church both in the production as well as the editing stages of the project.
Mark is an astute interviewer, creative editor and producer of multimedia productions that tell a story and sell a concept.

Tom Carter
US Army (Retired)
Nashville, TN