I have worked with Mark as an editor on multiple projects.  Mark has a great talent for managing the content, structure and rhyme of a presentation.  He works tirelessly to balance all the elements of post production; music, imagery, effects, to create a finished product with a strong beginning, middle and end.  The final edited program always meet or exceed the original production objectives.  It’s a pleasure to work with Mark.

Randy Hale
Hale and Hearty Inc.
Nashville, TN

I spent several weeks working with Mark to complete an edit on a large government video project he had been involved with for some time before I was brought in to finalize the piece. As the producer, he was integral to maintaining the detail and continuity of a project of its size and complexity that was made more challenging by the many different clients and constituents that needed to approve it. In the end, Mark weaved together a great story that I really enjoyed participating in.

Jim Folliard.
Gearshift TV
Fairfax, VA

Mark came to Hawaii to do interviews in a Federal prison and at the U.S. Naval Station in Pearl Harbor. There were many challenges given the sensitive protocols of the two locations, some of which he could not have prepared for prior to arriving.  He listened and observed, and then acted and reacted appropriately.  The resulting footage would not have been captured without his careful handling of the personalities and situations we encountered. Beyond his handling of logistical details relevant to a location,  Mark knows how to support the creative mentality of his director of photography and crew. He encourages and invites creative input from the entire crew and so he enjoys their respect and support throughout the project.  We know he values our experience. Good producing takes patience, organization and sensitivity.  In my experience with Mark Purushotham, these are the qualities  he brings to his productions.

Dennis Burns
Director of Photography and Partner
1013 Integrated
Honolulu, HI

I enjoy working with Mark Purushotham because he know’s how much time is needed to do a job right. He is a great manager of time on location and very easy to get a long with. He is also very organized and knows what he and the editor needs to tell a compelling story!

Kevin Maggiore
Director of Photography/Producer/Director
Major Productions, Inc.
Atlanta, GA

My work with Mark has brought us to some extremely challenging locations including India and Uganda as we produced films surrounding the topic of Global Aids/HIV.   I can’t say enough about him as a person and professional.  His attention to detail, empathy and calm demeanor has allowed us to navigate unforeseen challenges and create pieces that I’m tremendously proud of.  He never compromises the work or his integrity.  Mark possesses a true vision of how he can make the world better through media and through the personal connection that he creates with his subjects and colleagues.

Douglas Gordon
Douglas Gordon Films
Director of Photography & Director
Boston, MA

I have worked with Mark in many capacities over the years.  Mark is intelligent, creative, organized and exemplifies professionalism. I have always enjoyed working alongside him. His directorial skills are of a high quality and he is a very competent and proactive producer with a great ability to creatively solve problems.  Mark’s positive attitude, calm, collected nature and detailed work ethic make him a great value to any production. Above all he’s a respected, valued and trusted friend.

Matt Laidlaw
Marketing Consultant Founder
Northern Boston Magazine
Everett, MA

I found Mark to be thoroughly professional in every way, and a truly delightful production partner to boot.  But it’s his versatility and creativity that always impresses me most. He is as much at home in an urban jazz club shooting  interviewing modern  musicians, as he is talking to international scholars and church leaders in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The bottom line is that Mark is relentless in his search for the story, the interview,  and the visual image that perfectly conveys, not just the literal, but the ineffable.

Hilly Hicks
Actor, Producer, Director, Ordained Minister
Los Angeles, CA