Girl319Photo courtesy of Douglas Gordon

We help non-profits, foundations and philanthropic organizations produce well-crafted, emotionally engaging content that inspires their constituents and donors to more deeply connect to their work. While the written word has value, video acts as an even more powerful call to action. Seeing and hearing a story moves supporters to do something about what they’ve witnessed.

“My work with Mark has brought us to some extremely challenging locations including India and Uganda as we produced films surrounding the topic of Global Aids/HIV.   I can’t say enough about him as a person and professional.  His attention to detail, empathy and calm demeanor has allowed us to navigate unforeseen challenges and create pieces that I’m tremendously proud of.  He never compromises the work or his integrity.  Mark possesses a true vision of how he can make the world better through media and through the personal connection that he creates with his subjects and colleagues.”


Douglas Gordon Director/DP Boston, MA